Mobile office

Mobile office - is a modern technological services, implemented in partnership with MegaFon. Service allows you to not be tied to the workplace and to communicate with customers and partners while in the office and outside of it (meetings, travel, etc.), free staff to communicate with each other.

To reduce the cost of telephone service, most companies use a PBX. The main advantage of these devices - the ability to assign employees to short extensions, which operate within the same office.

Some companies also provide their employees with mobile communication, but mobile numbers to call is expensive, it is necessary to call a mobile phone. At the same time calls are charged at standard rates fixed and mobile communications.

Now many new companies for various reasons, expensive or inconvenient to take office, but the phone is needed and direct numbers are also needed.

Get rid of these inconveniences will allow a unique offer - "Mobile Office". The service allows you to receive direct city number, to unite in a common network short numbers fixed office telephone network (at one or more locations in one or different regions) and mobile numbers of employees.

The service allows you to monitor your employees, record them coming on a mobile phone conversations, call forwarding to carry a mobile phone to another mobile or landline number, as well as virtual fax.

Service includes:
- Multi-channel direct city number;
- Virtual PBX with rich functionality (voice menu greeting, various options forwarding, call recording including calls to mobile phones and other employees);
- A set of sim-cards from the operator MegaFon (call forwarding to them free of charge).

The cost of services Mobile Office

Mobile office Lite Plus Pro
Direct city number 200 200 200
Virtual PBX 550 650 800
Number of users от 2 до 5 от 3 от 3
Free call forwarding to mobile (1 sim-card) 120 130 140
TOTAL* 1110 1240 1420

* The cost of mobile office package is designed for 3 people.