Number 8-800

Intelligent Room 8-800 - is a federal multi-channel number, calls which are free of charge for your customers on the whole territory of Russia, as a mobile, and with сity phone.

Rooms at the 800 code has long been very popular abroad, any business have no idea how you can work without numbers, a call to which is free for the customer.

To ensure your customers are always able to from any phone - mobile or urban - it is free to call your service or support "hot line", make a beautiful memorable "8800" number.


What makes an intelligent number 8-800:

  • competitive advantage - customer calls to the number are free 8-800;
  • increase customer loyalty - 8-800 number works in all regions of Russia, and no need to open offices in other cities, the savings on the purchase of local hotel rooms;
  • All calls to the 8-800 number come to where you say;
  • simple and clear tariff policy;
  • free calls in your company to increase the loyalty of both existing and new customers;
  • Number is ideal for customer service, automated directory inquiry services, marketing and promotions - because it is easy to remember;
  • multi-channel - you will be able to simultaneously receive a large number of calls;
  • Company employees will be able to make free calls to the office.