Number in St. Petersburg

Service - a local number in St. Petersburg (code +7 812)
The cost of connection numbers: 1500 rubles *

The subscription fee for unlimited SPb rate:

1st line: 590 rubles
2-nd and the next lines: 550 rubles

more than 5 lines: individual price —call us or write.
Cost of a call to direct city number: FREE

The subscription fee on a per minute rate SPB
The fee for the line: 150 rubles
Cost of a call to direct city number:. 0.45 RUR / min. call

All tariffs cost of the call to any mobile phone RF:. 1.55 RUR / min. call.
pricing conditions: per second billing from the first second with no connection fee.

* Provides a simple number, beautiful numbers you can choose here.