SMS informing

SMS informing - is sending short text messages on the basis of certain phone numbers. The company "Key and K" offers to use the service to improve the loyalty of your regular customers as
well as attract a new target audience.

Types of SMS-mailing

Service - is SMS, which are mainly of a technical nature. Service includes mailing to the Status of ordering messages, schedule of the online store during the holidays, to change your billing information or support rooms and other.

Advertising - is SMS, which are designed to inform our regular and new customers for the latest offers, promotions, sales companies, as well as encourage them to make a purchase or order services. This type of mailing includes posts about the days of free delivery, the appearance of new products in the catalog, competitions and so on. D. Apply SMS, aimed at increasing audience loyalty, which can not be directly called advertising (greeting, mailing lists for the holidays, and the like) This group .

Advantages of SMS-distribution

  • Complete safety information introduced into the system: databases rooms, message text, etc...
  • Setting, sending mailings remotely - through a personal account, or API.
  • Compliance with all points of the Federal Law of the Russian Federation of March 13, 2006 № 38 FZ "On Advertising" and the Federal Law of the Russian Federation of July 27, 2006 № 152-FZ
    "On personal data".

Organization of SMS-distribution

  • Preparation of base numbers. Non-messaging can be made in a special form in the "Personal Account" or manually loaded into a xls-, xslx-, txt-, csv-file.
  • Preparing to send the message. SMS should be concise, reflecting precisely the essence of the proposal or notice, but at the same time bright and eye-catching.

All operations for preparing and sending mailings conducted through the interface "My Account". service features allow you to track statistics for sending SMS-messages.

Fees for the service SMS delivery



 Subscriber fee per month. *

cost of
1 sms

 personal  signature
 (Alpha name)


1200 1,40  Text agreed in advance
 Overall  signature




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*The rate shown for a single operator. Cost of 1 SMS to other countries 5 rubles.
Prices are in rubles, not subject to VAT in connection with the use of the simplified tax system.