Unified network (FMC)

The service "Unified Network (FMC)» - an association of fixed and mobile communication for your employees.


Also, some companies provide their employees with mobile communication. But mobile numbers are very difficult to get through to the staff who use only a fixed connection. We have to recruit and office, and the extension number, or call the desired party through the Secretary. At the same time calls are charged at standard rates fixed and mobile communications.

Get rid of these inconveniences will allow a unique offer - service "Unified Network FMC». The service allows you to combine into a single network short numbers fixed office telephone network (at one or more locations in one or different regions) and mobile numbers of employees. Within this network, you can communicate via a single short numbering at competitive rates. Through this service staff will always be connected and be able to talk more for less money.

The service enables:

  • convenient short numbers for employees;
  • savings for calls to mobile phones of employees;
  • emergency service communication in the workplace;
  • communication with employees on business trips;
  • replace DECT intercom;
  • calls over a single communications network MGMN destinations at competitive rates.