Home phone

Service Home phone - a landline number in St. Petersburg (code +7 812)

Activation fee: 1000 rur (one-time payment)

Subscription fee:
Unlimited St. Petersburg: 440 rubles
Unlimited STD A: 690 rubles *
Unlimited St. Petersburg and Leningrad: 700 rubles
Per-minute St. Petersburg: 150 rubles

Cost of a call to direct city number of St. Petersburg: FREE (except tariff Per-minute St. Petersburg, where the price per minute of 0.45 rur)

Cost of a call to any mobile phone RF: 1.60 rubles.
Pricing conditions: per second billing from the first second with no connection fee.

The current price list can be downloaded here: 2015-11-28

*Available for rent Panasonic KX-UT113 IP phone.